bengali wedding photography

How to Hire an Cinematic Wedding Videographer

Many of you might have wondered why I would hire an cinematic wedding videographer for recording my marriage ceremony. I would simply handover this responsibility to my friends who is pretty good with a camera and has little experience in recording high quality films. Let’s answer this simple yet complicated question in a contradictory manner. We [...]

How to choose an wedding photographer in kolkata

Any kind of wedding is very stressful, and it is entirely reasonable to make some mistakes during the process. Though one might learn from the mistakes, one would commit during their first attempt and improve it upon their next try. But the matter of marriage is once in lifetime matter, and errors might cause regrets [...]

Pre-Wedding Rituals You Should Know About Bengali Wedding Ceremony

Bengali culture has many things for which it counted as one of the colourful cultures in the whole world. Among various rituals and pujas, its marriage ceremony is one such cultural feast for anyone present at the moment. Bengali wedding, also known as ‘Beeye’ in the local language is a form of a Hindu marriage ceremony. [...]

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