Pre Wedding Photography


A wedding is a happy occasion that combines the promise that we will be together and incredible wedding promises.

Once you find the partner of your dreams and decide to marry the knot, you need to make another key decision. Well, you have to find your ideal photographer who captures fascinating moments of celebration, emotion, community and persuasion before, during and during a special and unique event – the big day! that brings us to the beginning of this saga of romance and revelation! Premarital shot! At The Regal Weddings, we have many years of experience in pre-wedding photography and try to perfect pre-wedding memories with our magical eyes with modern gadgets and equipment.

All you need to is to say cheese and leave the rest to us during photoshoot!!

Pre-wedding photography guarantees perfect memories and perfect romance for the couple. A photographic reportage before the wedding in Kolkata offers you the opportunity to capture all the love, charm and passion between you and your soul mate. At The Regal Weddings, we record the best memories of your listening period. All you have to do is just say cheese and take advantage of every moment to create the rest of the magical stuff.

Let Us Help You Tell Your Story !

Also, the photos before the wedding in Kolkata are a matter of honesty. Funny tips, a romantic decoration directly on the film set, beautiful clothes and jewelry and the best location make it a magical place. Not only do we have excellent photographic skills, but we also have the opportunity to tell a story directly from fairy tales. Not only the appearance, we capture the feeling as well. Our pre-wedding photographers will guarantee you a lifetime gift that you can feed long after the wedding. We are proud to be able to help over 1,000 fascinating customers make their dreams come true before taking pictures.

Why to choose The Regal Weddings for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?


Why capture love and excitement before marriage? We also help you to excite dedicated and priceless moments and the excitement of a wedding. We offer professional and excellent post-wedding photography services to capture your love.

So, if you want to transform those magical romantic moments into an unforgettable work of art, you cannot find a better connection with your image before and after your wedding in Kolkata than The Regal Weddings. Let’s have a drink to the celebrations because our image speaks to the spirit of the moment, not just the smile.