Pre wedding photography is one of the best ways to commemorate the love relationship between two individuals. Generally, most of the couples would arrange this photography session one or two weeks ahead of the marriage ceremony. During this photography session, couples would have professionally taken photography before they were married.

This shooting would not only capture the raw emotions of love between the partners but would also serve as the memory for the couple after ten to twenty years later. But like everything, many new couple have trouble getting the desired results regarding the pre-wedding photography session. Here are five of the tips and tricks that might help you and your partner in getting the perfect results from the shoot.

Selection of photographer

Selecting the most suitable photographer for your pre wedding photographyis an essential step. Your whole photography shoot would depend on the available skillset and knowhow of the photographer. Before finalizing your professional, be sure to check his previous work on his or her website or social media account.

These previous shots would help you determine his or her level of professionalism. If possible, contact the past clients of the photographer and ask for feedback on the photographer. After confirming regarding every aspect of a photographer, you would have a clear idea regarding your possible future cameraman.

Communication of Both Sides

Communication with the professional is essential for getting efficient results from your pre wedding photography session. You might understand that for any successful shoot, you would need various types of idea and it is only possible when both parties are communicating with each other. There are many benefits to having a close communication link with your photographer.

Both sides would be able to understand each other requirements, and if any problems pop out, then it would be solved efficiently without affecting the shoot. Better communication would also help you to get comfortable with the cameraman and with the presence of the camera. And many other problems would be solved if you are good communication bond with your photographer.

Time and location of the shoot

Selection of the shoot location is one of the crucial aspects of the pre wedding photography session. There might be some agencies that might suggest some of the pre-determined locations that are already famous among couple in your city. While others might ask for the location of your choice where you might have some fond memories while you were dating.

Discuss your plans and expectation with your photographer and decide upon the location of the shoot. While planning the shoot, the photographer might give some of the specific time duration when you might the most optimal result at a particular location. Though the ability to take a perfect photograph during any time of the day is the skill of the photographer, helping your cameraman might bring out much better photos.

Dress Code

A suitable dress is essential when you are shooting pre wedding photography session. Like the location and timing, dress for the shooting would have to be included in the final planning. Discuss your dress with your partner and with your photographer to make sure they would be suitable. Another factor while selecting a suit would be the theme of the shoot. Depending upon the pre-determined theme, you and your partner dress might change.

You might even select three to four different dress for a single day at any specific location. Your dress would have to be comfortable for you and your partner as well. You would have to remember the dress that would depict the intense emotion of love between you and your partner would be the best dress for this session.

Don’t Get Stressed 

Stress is good for nothing and would apply to the pre wedding photography session too. Having on a specific day would become the main reason for the whole shoot to fail. Therefore most of the professional would advise the couple to take a break from their regular activity to relax for one day before the shoot.

During the day of shoot staying hydrated would also help you in devaluing your stress level. Also don’t invite your friends, as they might become the reason for the stress during the shoot. Become comfortable with the camera and enjoy your moment with your fiancée.

These are some of the tips and tricks that might help you while selecting the photographer for your pre-engagement photography. We, at The Regal Wedding, have a full expert team of professionals who have experience of thousands of hours behind the camera for this specific task. They have a better social skill that would help you in communicating with them efficiently and pass your ideas to them. Thus give us a chance to capture your loving emotion for your fiancée and convert them into the means to preserve those emotions.