This question might have haunted every couple when their shooting date is around the corner. With the changing of trends, couple photography has gained enough popularity to be included in modern Indian weddings. The main aim of this whole photo session is to conserve the last memories of the days when you used to date your present fiancée.

The best way to know the answer to this question would be to ask your professional cameraman as they have the proper understanding and know-how regarding any preparation of your shoot. Still, here are some of the general guidelines that might help you while you are preparing for your shooting session.

Make yourself beautiful

The best way to prepare yourself for your couple photography session would get an appointment with a professional make-up artist. There are not many chances to get a trial run for your final wedding marriage make-up course. Set your professional photographer with your make-up artist and let them plan the best course of action that might be suitable for the whole shooting session.

Through most of the times, the make-up professional would enhance your natural beauty, but it would depend upon you what type of look you would want for the shoot. Ask you the make-up artist to set your hair in the most natural way that would enhance your look. Always remember the key is to look gorgeous while being extremely comfortable.

Select your locations

For a successful couple photography session, it is essential to look for a suitable place that would enhance the results of the shoot. Please discuss with your partner and your photographer, ask for their advice and then decided the location that might give you desired results. A beautiful scenic background for your photograph would set the tone and would bring out your intended emotions.

The location also depends on your dress. If you are wearing a comfortable dress, then you might pick up either urban areas or rural locations. And if you want to add colour elements, then you might also choose a place such as gardens, waterfront, parks, mountains, etc. These type of sites would add various kind of element that might give an additional edge to your couple photography pictures.

Use props

Every couple wants to have unique photography that would make their pics different from other couples. For that, you might use appropriate pros such that pets, flowers, local drink, etc. You might use anything for props as they would add an edge to the whole photography session. These props might help you in better interaction with each while shooting and assist you in describing your love story.

Some couples use their pet as their props as they are one of the vital members of the family. Interacting with the pet of your fiancée depicts that you would accept each other no matter what your defaults might be. It all depends upon your choice and skills of your professional taking your couple photography pictures.

Give your 100% 

Make sure to relax when you are going in front of the camera as this would allow the professional to capture your natural expression. You don’t want to get a freeze in front of the camera that would ruin the special moments between you and your fiancée. This photo shoot might also be taken the trial with your cameraman that would let you understand each other and smooth-ens the communication between you two.

Don’t get scared of the camera. Always remember to focus on your significant other as he or she is the point for your whole focus. Try to remember the fun times with your fiancée while you two are dating as that would help you in reducing your uncomfortable around the live camera during the couple photography session.

So these are some of the simple tips that might come handy when you are out in the wild for capturing your love for your partner in photographs. The whole point of any couple photography is to have fun with your partner while documenting your love for each other. So remember to have out there. Also, we at the regal wedding understand that capturing your love is very important for your future; thus, we always let out professionals handle anything related to this type of session. Our photographer would not only suggest you a better alternative but also have to skillset to let any of your choices into fantastic photography. Therefore allow us to document those precious moments that would remind your love for each other in future.