Many of you might have wondered why I would hire an cinematic wedding videographer for recording my marriage ceremony. I would simply handover this responsibility to my friends who is pretty good with a camera and has little experience in recording high quality films. Let’s answer this simple yet complicated question in a contradictory manner.

We all understand that wedding is an important event in one’s life that would not be repeated in later life. You and your fiancée might have planned it for months, but the ceremony would be completed within a flash. Your wedding shot would only capture some specific moments whereas your wedding cinema would be able to capture the whole episode. In other words, the wedding films would allow you and life partner to relive the memories of that beautiful day. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the reasons for hiring any professional videographer for your wedding.

Encapsulate your memories

One of the reasons to hire any professional videographer would use their ability to convert any raw footage captured during the wedding into an emotional cinema. With their superb skill set and huge experience, they know when to add music and when to add additional effects. The final edited video would be more than perfect that would not only encapsulate your emotions but the fond memories of your marriage days. Most of the wedding photographers in Kolkata have their unique way to edit their videos that would allow you to relive those moments in the future.

Recording the sounds and movements

Wedding photography would only capture one specific moment without any sound or movement effects while a video is fully capable of capture those effects. Wedding photography would help you in remembering a specific memory at a time, but a wedding cinema would allow you to relive those moments. In a wedding video, you might be able to hear the loud laugh of your friends and the mumbling of the holy hymns of the pundit during the ceremony.

You would be able to laugh once again at the antics of the little brothers and sister with your wife in future. Another aspect of wedding cinema would be the encapsulating the movements of the guests and family members. The cinematic wedding film is the only way to capture the mind-blowing dance competition between you and your fiancée side.

Watching the hidden part

Everyone knows how chaotic would any Indian wedding would become as there are several rituals that would require the full attention of both the groom and the bride. Therefore it is not possible for both the individuals to watch everyone present during the wedding ceremony. While you might have missed a scene when you were sitting in a ritual, your professional videographer would record the moment that might be happening behind your backs.

Professional Bengali wedding photographer in Kolkata knows that every moment is important and you would want to see or relive those moments again. The silent tears of your mother-in-law while holding hand with your mother and the smirk on the face of your best friend stand behind you back and many other similar scenes that you would miss unless someone captures them. Later you would have the opportunity to witness a wonderful cinema that would have cover every part of the ceremony allowing you to watch the beautiful hidden side of your marriage day.

These are some of the reasons for hiring a professional videographer. Always remember that while photography might be artistic and beautiful, they can’t take the place of the wedding cinema where you and wife would be the main characters. We at The Regal Wedding have a dedicated team of videographers who have the qualification as well as the experience to shoot international level videos. They have to know how and the necessary skillset to record and edit your wedding footage and turn it into living memories of the important moment of your life.