Best candid photographer in kolkata

Popular wedding photography styles used by professionals

Hiring a suitable wedding photography professional is very important as they have the sole responsibility for conserving the memories of the whole wedding ceremony. But before you hire any wedding photography team based in Kolkata, you would have to understand that every professional has his or her style of photography. Some photographer uses one specific form [...]

5 Tips for Couple for Getting a Perfect Pre Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photography is one of the best ways to commemorate the love relationship between two individuals. Generally, most of the couples would arrange this photography session one or two weeks ahead of the marriage ceremony. During this photography session, couples would have professionally taken photography before they were married. This shooting would not only capture [...]

Why do you need professionals for candid photography?

The main essence of wedding photography is to capture the raw emotions that any individual might feel during their marriage ceremony. For that purpose, you would hire a professional photographer to cast their magic so that your precious memories would get a tangible form. And the best moments to capture such emotions would be the candid [...]

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