Candid Wedding Photography

Forget the correct poses for your wedding, and let’s concentrate on the celebration!

Your wedding day is for you and your BAE! It is the beginning of a new relationship and a relationship that you will love forever. So today couples believe in the celebration of the GREAT DAY IN COMPLETE FUN and FREEDOM!! They believe that all these emotions, excitations and greaves must be done honestly, unplanned. At The Regal Weddings, we master the technique to click real candid moments.

Meet the magicians of Candid Wedding Photography at The Regal Weddings!

Honest photos are as real as the moment itself. We love photos of the nature of the bride and youth and guests are happy with the moments. Our team is filled with new and fresh wedding photography ideas; we are always full of enthusiasm and passion for your special day. Whether your camera is ready or not, be sure to click some nice photos of yourself and loved ones to give you memories of life. In The Regal Weddings, we don’t just believe in candid photos, it’s a new era style which we follow in all our wedding photos. This is what makes us the best and most reliable wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Catch up with the pace of fast growing trend of Candid Wedding Photography!

The style of the candidate is changing rapidly with couples. In the end you get a wonderful combination of memories that you have to keep for life. All you need is a group of seasoned wedding photographers who can capture moments perfectly, even when you’re not posing for the camera. Expressions and fast natural movements are a great challenge for photographers, but we love it. Surprise, fun, smiles, laughing, and emotions: we try to catch them all at the right time. Technically we are mastered and carried by passion; no unnoticed moment can escape our expert eyes. Thus, without going for multiple options, one can blindly rely on The Regal Weddings to experience dream journey of your most memorable day.

Why you will hire us as best candid photographers?

We are the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. In past two years, we have so far clicked the hearts of about 100 couples and families. You can see our work on our website. Candid wedding photos are the next big photography trend and the new generation is embracing their wedding trend! As photographers, we proudly support the latest developments in the field of wedding photography. It is only when you are ready for makeup or you love a beautiful dress or share some hot moments with your bride and loved ones that we put our magic lenses that will perfectly seal them forever before capturing all the perfect moments!