Every top-class wedding photographers in Kolkata has the duty to convert your beautiful memories of your wedding into tangible form to preserve them in future. Professional photographers understand that any marriage is once in a lifetime chance and you want to cherish these moments in after a long time in future. Thus every photographer needs to keep updating their skills and knowledge that would allow them to deliver better result to their clients.

Keeping updating with new trends is also true for every top candid wedding photographers in the city. Knowing new tricks about the session would not only make the professional ahead of other professional but would also help in creating beautiful memoirs for their clients. Thus here are some of the trending tricks that every professional candid photographer use to cast their magic in your wedding albums.

Drone Photography

With the introduction of drone technology in the market for everyday use, photographers of all type have started to explore the option of drone photography. Lately, it has become the new trend that most of the top candid wedding photographers use to add another perspective to wedding photography. These photos are taken from the air, therefore, covering broad areas showing various colours and emotions.

Drone photography is used when everybody is enjoying the party with the new married couple, and it would be difficult for the cameraman to take the shot without disturbing other guests. Proper planning with execution might provide you with optimal results beyond your expectation.

B & W Photography

B & W Photography means for black and white photography that has become a new trend for candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. Many couples would wand at least five or more photos in black and white format. The prime reason for this latest trends is that black and white photography entirely focus on the emotion of the subject without any distraction.

The lack of any colour elements allows others to feel the raw emotion felt by the individual during that particular moment. Without any colour in the picture, your natural feelings would be the original colour of the whole photography. These photographs are famous for showing the tearful smile and happy smile of the bride or groom and other emotions that any individual might feel during any moment of the ceremony.

Utilization of Stop Motion  

According to top candid wedding photographers, having a video film is equally essential as wedding photography. Usage of stop motion video is becoming famous among Bengali weddings. Several professional candid photographs are taken together and edited to form a stop motion with some music, completes this type of motion video.

The main reason behind their popular demand is its easy feasibility and that it is easy to post on social media account. In this current age of viral videos and social media, having a stop motion video on their social account is one way of declaring their marriage to the world. These short videos would be used as the trailer to the actual wedding film.

Out of the box

In the current digital age, everyone wants to be unique. Most of the top candid wedding photographers, along with their clients, want to have a different kind of photographs. Some clients would throw themselves out the plane to have a skydiving photoshoot while others might jump into the sea for having an underwater wedding shoot.

This is the new trend that has grown popular among several Bengali couples. Instead of taking simple wedding photographs, they want to do something out of the box that would surprise everyone. This type of candid picture is generally considered for the pre-wedding shoot where the couple has the chance to show their wild side to their family and friends.

These are some of the few tricks that are employed by professional candid photographers to take your wedding photography. They mix their skill with new trends to bring the emotions on the picture that you might feel even after your marriage. We at The Regal Wedding have such professional who regularly updates themselves with new trends growing both inside the country and outside the country. With our professional expertise, we would guarantee that our pic would remind you of your day of marriage even after 50 years.