Bengali Wedding  Photography


In Bengal, Weddings are one of those festivals which are celebrated in a grandeur style. Bengali people love to stick to the basics of the culture and rituals associated to Bengali weddings. That’s why, it is very important for any wedding photographer to cover each and every detailing of rituals and practices performed right from the day before the marriage till the last day of after wedding party.

Enjoy the Grandeur of Bengali Wedding

We, The Regal Weddings are having a vast experience and knowledge in covering all those rituals which include Pre Bachelor Rice ceremony (Aiburo Bhaat), Turmeric ceremony (Gaaye Holud), Bride’s rice ceremony (Bou Bhaat) to post marriage party with dedication and perfection.

Why the regal weddings is known as best wedding photography team in kolkata?


Bengali culture has many things that are considered one of the most colorful cultures in the world. Among the various rituals and practices, the wedding ceremony is a cultural festival for all participants. A Bengali wedding, also called “biye” in the local language, is a form of Hindu wedding ceremony. There are many other small and large rites involved in a traditional ceremony and The Regal Wedding covers each ritual and practice with precision and perfection. It is the starting point of a colorful festival to enjoy the fusion of separate beings into one.