About Us


The Regal Weddings are a group of talented photographers of Kolkata who has en rooted the passion of photography to another level. Producing life-like photos has always been our prime target when it comes to our clients. Wedding photography has been an all-time challenging experience for us. It is not only you that is involved but our entire photography crew is constantly on its efforts to make each and every picture to its perfection. Candid shots are taken to bring out naturalness but for that photographers should have that keen vision to visualize the candid moment which we have.

Company Details

When you give us the opportunity to work for you it is not only a service that we provide but also make sure that you get to recall the special moments of your life every time when you go through the album or cinematic films. Photographing and candid shooting is our profession and we pledge to serve all users with importance and care. The entire team of our wedding photographers in Kolkata are experienced with all the technicalities and provide paramount quality services. To us, photography is the art of life which will always relate to you the nearest emotion, may it be sad, lovely or happy. It gives you the chance to revitalize the memories whenever you go through it.


About Sankha Roy

Experienced with a range of events / professional wedding photos, pre-wedding photography, destination wedding photography, candid wedding photography and other extravagances, Sankha Roy, the owner of The Regal Wedding can click the right moment for you. Capturing the best moments is where Sankha and his team shines and those moments are forever memorized in your heart.

Our expertise and experience team lead by Sankha Roy have ranked among the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. We make for you the most pleasant day of your wedding, a day that you will always remember with the perfect wedding photos, taken by our professional wedding photographers, who really relate to the art of taking the right emotion, the right moment, the right photo of the best day for you.

Sankha takes all those precious pearl phenomena and records these offers your art stick and he’ll give you a treasure from the wedding album. Every moment of sincere rapture that is clouded when you look at it before it dries up, every silent sigh you hear during your happy marriage; an image of your wedding is set on your heart rate during your D-day.