With time traditions of an Indian wedding, rituals have too evolved to match the current needs and desires of modern generation couples. In the past, wedding photography would require the couple to pose for the camera lacking any emotions felt during the marriage but nowadays feelings the focal point of whole wedding photography.

Couple understand the importance of preserving the memory of raw emotions, which is the reason for the increasing popularity of candid wedding photography. Couples would hire professional candid wedding photography team in Kolkata for their marriage ceremony for capturing various sweet and sour moments that everyone feels during any wedding. Though there are many reasons for candid photography for becoming a new trend in Bengali weddings, here are some of those reasons.

Au Revoir Traditional Photography

Modern weddings are all about romantic feelings and beautiful emotions that bring out the fun in any wedding rituals. For capturing those moments, traditional photography would not be enough as the style of photography would require the couple to pose that would destroy the moment. Therefore modern couple would hire professional candid wedding photographers in Kolkata to capture those beautiful moments.

For this style of photography, the subject would be completely unaware of being clicked. The professional would give complete freedom to both the couple and their friends and advise them to be natural and ignore them. While traditional wedding albums would feel staged performance, candid wedding albums would be completely natural with all the smiles and tears of the couple and friends.

Candid Moments of Raw Emotions

The whole concept of candid photography is to click a meaning shot of the subject while he or she is unaware of the camera. This way, professional candid wedding photography team in Kolkata would capture natural emotions without any pretense or fake smile. These photographs would encapsulate all the feelings of the subject at that specific moment and preserve it in a tangible form.

A professional candid photographer would be able to catch every emotion between friends and family making the album more special. Capturing genuine expressions like the hearty laugh of the groom and shy smile of the bride with friends are some of the precious moments that any professional would shot. These genuine moments and emotions are generally hard to capture during traditional photography.

Comfortable and Relax Approach

The warm and relaxed nature of candid photography is another reason why this style of photography has become one of the trends in Indian weddings. Most of the professional candid wedding photographers in Kolkata have the social skills and know-how that makes their clients relax while they are in front of the camera. In this style of photography, cameraman never asks any guest of the wedding to pose for a picture he would tell the subject to ignore him and to continue to do what he or she was doing.

This style also allows the guest to enjoy the wedding without having to worry about being photogenic. Other than ignoring his presence, the professional would demand nothing from couple or guests. Professional would be snapping all day long without even bothering you as they have the skill set to see what would make your album more fantastic and exotic.

Quality Matters

Another advantage of hiring a candid wedding photography team in Kolkata is the high end quality of the wedding albums. Professionally taken photographs are of higher quality than photographs taken by a local photographer. These professional have thousands of hours behind the camera snapping shots for a similar event in their career.

These professional have their way to blending various elements for taking a perfect shot that would mesmerize you and your fiancée. Their experience let them know the right time for clicking any shot that would make the album unique. They constantly explore every available option to give you the most optimal result that you desire.

No matter what might be your wedding plans, make sure to hire a professional candid photographer; otherwise, you might miss the chance to store your wedding memories for the future. This is your once in your lifetime event, thus make sure to capture most artistically and authentically. Our professionals from The Regal Wedding have a complete understanding of the needs and desire of the clients. Our experience and superb skillset allow us to take those shots that might be hidden in plain sights. Therefore give our photography craftsman to craft out a beautiful memory out your romantic moments.