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How to Prepare Yourself for the Couple Photography Shoot?

This question might have haunted every couple when their shooting date is around the corner. With the changing of trends, couple photography has gained enough popularity to be included in modern Indian weddings. The main aim of this whole photo session is to conserve the last memories of the days when you used to date your present [...]

4 Reasons Why Candid Photography Is Trending Nowadays

With time traditions of an Indian wedding, rituals have too evolved to match the current needs and desires of modern generation couples. In the past, wedding photography would require the couple to pose for the camera lacking any emotions felt during the marriage but nowadays feelings the focal point of whole wedding photography. Couple understand [...]

Popular wedding photography styles used by professionals

Hiring a suitable wedding photography professional is very important as they have the sole responsibility for conserving the memories of the whole wedding ceremony. But before you hire any wedding photography team based in Kolkata, you would have to understand that every professional has his or her style of photography. Some photographer uses one specific form [...]

5 Tips for Couple for Getting a Perfect Pre Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photography is one of the best ways to commemorate the love relationship between two individuals. Generally, most of the couples would arrange this photography session one or two weeks ahead of the marriage ceremony. During this photography session, couples would have professionally taken photography before they were married. This shooting would not only capture [...]

How to Hire an Cinematic Wedding Videographer

Many of you might have wondered why I would hire an cinematic wedding videographer for recording my marriage ceremony. I would simply handover this responsibility to my friends who is pretty good with a camera and has little experience in recording high quality films. Let’s answer this simple yet complicated question in a contradictory manner. We [...]

3 Things That You Need To Understand About Couple Photography

When two people are in love and want to share every moment of their lives, then they form a couple. The emotion of love is one of the most precious feelings in this universe that everyone wants to preserve for eternity. The best way to save those precious moments is to capture them in photography. [...]

Bridal Portraits Photography: Its History and Its Significance

The bridal Portrait photography session is the solo photography session of the young bride. This session is taken to showcase the beauty of the bride in her red wedding dress. Bridal portraits session has become one of the new trends in all styles of Indian weddings. These pictures taken by professional photographers have enough experience about how [...]

How to choose an wedding photographer in kolkata

Any kind of wedding is very stressful, and it is entirely reasonable to make some mistakes during the process. Though one might learn from the mistakes, one would commit during their first attempt and improve it upon their next try. But the matter of marriage is once in lifetime matter, and errors might cause regrets [...]

4 Tricks That Every Candid Photographer Use At Your Wedding

Every top-class wedding photographers in Kolkata has the duty to convert your beautiful memories of your wedding into tangible form to preserve them in future. Professional photographers understand that any marriage is once in a lifetime chance and you want to cherish these moments in after a long time in future. Thus every photographer needs to keep [...]

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Why do you need professionals for candid photography?

The main essence of wedding photography is to capture the raw emotions that any individual might feel during their marriage ceremony. For that purpose, you would hire a professional photographer to cast their magic so that your precious memories would get a tangible form. And the best moments to capture such emotions would be the candid [...]

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