Preserve your memories through The Regal Weddings- one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

The Regal Weddings is here to capture the most beautiful moments of your grand occasion. Our candid wedding photographers in Kolkata are here to make your special events eternal with vivacious wedding photography. We give them visual beauty by utilizing our focal point. We attempt to depict suggestive photography that will be treasured by you for an ageless period. Our best creative wedding photographers revive the capacity to command the uniqueness of every individual account of the couples we shoot. We genuinely accept that life is lovely, and catch yours for you.

Preserve Your Love with The Regal Weddings

Is your d-day very near? Setting up the entire arena such as guest invitations, catering, designing are the essential things to be looked. However, photography is an important part. The wedding day comes for once, and you can never miss grabbing the opportunity of capturing the priceless moments of the day. For this reason, hiring expert candid wedding photographers will solve all your worries relating to wedding photography in Kolkata.

The Leading Candid Photography Crew to Avail Affordably

The Regal Weddings brings this opportunity to share with your loved ones the endless moments. Our best wedding photographers in Kolkata comprises world-class professionals who specialize in pre-wedding, post-wedding, Bengali wedding, Non-Bengali wedding, candid wedding photography, bridal portraits and couples moment. Our enthusiasm for photography and narrating integrates us while helping us to make everlasting stories of photography. Fashion shoots and wedding videography are also a big part of our photography. Cinematic videography can bring a lot of change to the way you re-live the beautiful moments of your wedding and the bond. 

Advanced tactical techniques adopted by specialized wedding photographer

The Regal Weddings team provides premier photography solutions to clients. We do All kinds of a pre-wedding, post-wedding, destination wedding, bridal shoots, couple sessions and others are administered by our best professional wedding photographer in Kolkata. With the extensive usage of modern camera equipment and advanced approaches, the technical crew works strictly for the clients.

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Acquire lavish photography experience from candid photographers in Kolkata

Photography has always been an art of creativity. Couples look towards hiring some knowledgeable and skilled professionals who seek to work for you, keeping in mind your requirements. Our team has creative wedding photographers in Kolkata who are capable of providing higher quality photography experience to clients. Creativity lies in going offbeat to wedding photography, and our photographers are skilled in it.

Cherish your wedding memories with top wedding photographers 

Do you want to capture the everlasting memories of your wedding day? Our candid wedding photography team specialised on taking the images of candid moments. Having an intense eye for details, the Regal Weddings team captures sparkling and sincere images of your wedding. The team is based in Kolkata but provides shooting experience all over the world.


TRW is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of creativity.

Select the expert photographers in Kolkata for capturing precious flashes

Wedding events come once in a lifetime, and if you are looking for best photography, then this is the right place. Our main lookout is to provide higher quality service to the clients as client satisfaction is the main target of our service provider. Our photography team consists of top wedding photographers in Kolkata. Our excited and dedicated team members make it possible to capture every priceless moment for a collage.

Choose the proficient photographers in Kolkata for your wedding

The Regal Weddings photography team is a group of professional and best wedding photographers in Kolkata. The technical team techies use recent pieces of equipment to capture wedding rituals and unique moments. The photographers are highly skilled to deliver premier quality services, sans no delay. When our photography team can administer you the perfect collage of the special events, then it is our achievement. From pre-wedding to post-wedding, from candid shots to bridal portraits, all are administered here.

Get customized and affordable wedding photography package 

Are you looking towards hiring a wedding photographer for your marriage day? Regal Weddings serves this vacant place. They provide all services relating to wedding photography. Provide All kinds of pre-wedding, post-wedding shoot, traditional wedding, bridal portrait, couple sessions and other services to the clients. Destination wedding photography is an exclusive service that is trending in the present 21st century. In this place, one can get an affordable wedding and photography package for their services.

Find the best wedding photography team for the special day

Are you looking for top-notch wedding photography team in Kolkata? The Regal Weddings comprises a group of proficient photographers who are capable of providing premium quality photography and cinematography. The crew is based in Kolkata and administers services throughout India. The team offers wedding videography and photos in a perfect look and feel to which you can cherish throughout your lifetime.

Get top-notch wedding photography service from experts

The wedding photographers are the ones that are responsible for capturing the wealth of the wedding memories for you. While you are busy in completion of the rituals, we look forward to treasure the loving memories for a lifetime. The Regal Weddings are the providers of wedding photography service based in Kolkata. One can rest assured about our superior quality wedding photography service.


How much the best wedding photographer charges in Kolkata?

Charges Mainly depend on your criteria. They are starting from 40,000 to 5L. Costs depend on various kinds of things, like traditional or candid wedding photography.

Who provide the best wedding photographers in Kolkata?

The Regal Weddings provides the best wedding photographers in Kolkata along with creative photography skills.

How do I contact the best wedding photographers in Kolkata?

Just go to theregalweddings.com and got to the contact form. Send a mail and you are done.

Why is the regal weddings photography team known as the best wedding photographers in Kolkata?

The regal weddings photography team provides the best Bengali wedding photography service in Kolkata as of now. People talk about their works a lot.

How TRW become the best wedding photography team in Kolkata?

The regal weddings photography team is specialised in candid Bengali wedding photography. They captured some great shots in the past.